application/pdfMN Newsletter #17 - Nov 2018 [LA] Maternal and Newborn Newsletter #17 - Nov 2018 19/11/2018271KB
application/pdfMCSP Newsletter #15 - July 2018(LA) ວາລະສານ ໂຄງການການມີຊີວິດລອດຂອງແມ່ ແລະ ເດັກ30/08/2018307KB
application/pdfSCALING Newsletter #1 - November 2018[EN] SCALING Project Newsletter Issue 1 - November 201816/11/2018308KB
application/pdfMCSP Newsletter #16 - Sept 2018(LA) ວາລະສານ ໂຄງການການມີຊີວິດລອດຂອງແມ່ ແລະ ເດັກ 19/11/2018350KB
application/pdfMCSP Newsletter #15 - July 2018(EN) Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) Newsletter #15 - July 201830/08/2018355KB
application/pdfMN Newsletter #17 - Nov 2018[EN] Maternal and Newborn Newsletter #17 - Nov 201819/11/2018357KB
application/pdfMCSP Newsletter #16 - Sept 2018(EN) Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) Newsletter #16 - Sept2018 19/11/2018392KB
application/pdfState of World's Midwifery Report - SupplementsSCI Laos Health and Nutrition work is highlighted in a large global report: “The State of the World’s Midwifery (SoWMy) report.” The report provides an updated evidence base and detailed analysis of the present progress and future challenges to deliver effective coverage and quality of midwives and midwifery services. The launch of the report take place in May 2021. At the end of 2020, SCI Laos was asked to submit some highlights of our work which were then selected for the report. Specifically, this showcases the work of mentoring under the Primary Health Care program and the Social Behavior Change (SBC) work implemented under PHC/SCALING and how both approaches provide support to mothers, including vulnerable adolescents. We are really pleased that the Health and Nutrition work in SCI Laos has been given global recognition.20/05/2021445KB
application/pdfSCALING Newsletter #1 - November 2018[LA] ຈົ ດໝາຍຂ່າວ ໂຄງການ SCALING ສະບັບ ທີ 1 – ເດືອນພະຈິກ 201816/11/2018474KB
application/pdfSCALING Newsletter #2 - March 2019[EN] SCALING Project Newsletter Issue 2 - March 201929/03/2019734KB
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