About Us

Save the Children began its operation in Lao PDR in 1987, and since then we have developed a strong reputation as the leading child rights organization in the country. We strive to ensure that children’s rights to education, health, protection and participation are fulfilled at all times, including during disasters.

Lao PDR is a unique country, made up of 49 ethnic groups with over 200 different dialects and languages spoken by a population of 7.4 million people. The four main ethno-linguistic groups are Lao-Loum, Hmong, Khmu and Sino-Tibetan all marked by different cultures, traditions and livelihoods.

Socio-economic surveys have consistently highlighted substantial differences in development performance between those groups in Lao PDR. As a result, ethnic minority children in Laos do not enjoy equal access to quality basic services and whatever access they eventually obtain is often subject to out-of-pocket-payments.

Presently, the monitoring and implementation of the UNCRC is done by state agencies and National Commission for Mothers and Children (NCMC), with whom we work closely with in capacity building and ensuring that children’s rights are at the forefront of their work.

Save the Children’s vision is that children in Lao PDR have their rights equitably fulfilled and are healthy, protected, empowered, skilled and knowledgeable to seize emerging opportunities and mitigate threats in a fast changing environment.

In 2022, Save the Children reached 1,033,231 people, including 419,471 children across fourteen provinces, where we operate.