Minimum Standard ToT Training on Disaster Management

Thursday 5 October 2017

Minimum Standard ToT Training on Disaster Management

Project Summary:

Scaling up Community Based Disaster Risk Management and School Safety (CBDRM) in Lao PDR help building up local and national government authorities skills on disaster. CBDRM project was funded by EU Huminitarian Aid and implemented through the consortium members: Save the Children International in Laos in two districts in Sayaboury province; Oxfam in 3 districts in Vientiane province, CARE International in Laos in 3 districts in Sekong province, and French Red Cross in 1 district in Khammoun province. The consortium members established the Minimum Standard for Disaster Management for those who work on disaster management.

Conducting Minimum Standard ToT Training:

The consortium, together, formed trainer teams consisted of technical staffs from all members. The trainer teams were responsible for delivering minimum standard ToT training to Province Disaster Protection and Control Committee (PDPCC) and District Disaster Protection and Control Committee (DDPCC). In early May, 2017, PDPCCs and DDPCCs from Sayaboury and Vientiane provinces received minimum standard ToT trainng from the trainer teams, and Sekong and Khammoun provinces received later at the end of the month.

The minimum standard ToT training is a 4-day intensive workshop, which consisted of 3 days training in class and a day for field practice of Harzard, Vulnerable and Capacity Assesment and Dister Risk Reduction Planning with a community.

The Minimum standard ToT training covered the following topics:

Session 1: Overview of Minimum standard.

Session 2: Gender in CBDRM

Session 3: Plan and Site selection

Session 4: Disaster Risk Assessment

Session 5: Disaster Management planning for CBDRM minimum Standard

Session 6: Risk Reduction and Mitigation measure

Session 7: Emergency Response and Recovery. 

Mrs. Lamphone KOELAKHONE, From Khammuan Lao Red Cross, said, “This training is very useful for the team from Gyommalad district. The DDPCC in Gyommalad is new and doesn’t have any experience on Disaster management. This training allow  technicals from Gyommalad to learn a lot from trainers as well as from other trainees which are already have experiences on disaster risk management somehow. This training not focused on the theory but also focused on practicing exchange knowledge and skill in each session. Moreover, trainees from Khammuan province also curious to asked questions and contribute their thought during the training.”

In the last day of the workshop, DDPCCs and PDPCC applied knowledge from the training by practicing Hazard, Vulnerable and Capacity Assessment and developing community action plan for risk reduction in with a village in Fueng district, Vientiane province.

After the training, PDPCCs and DDPCC will conduct the Hazard, Vulnerable and Capacity Assessment in their targeted communities to develop disaster risk reduction plan and disaster management plan.

Head of Lao Women Union in Lamam district, Mrs. Sengaloun THAMASON said, “the training is very helpful, we’ve never done the HVCA before, this training guided us for conduct HVCA with participatory process and make community action plan after the HVCA finish. Not only learning in the class, we also practiced in the villages. This training still have some challenges because there were many sessions with limited time. Some people are new to Disaster Risk Management works and will take times for them to understand. The DRM planning template asks many questions and they need to be made for easy understanding. However, I think this training is very useful for us when we rollout to community to conduct SDM plan in future.”

Posted by Vilaxay Inthaxoum